RadioShack of Newland Mission Statement

To provide excellent service to customers in Avery and surrounding counties and to do our best to accommodate their electronics needs. This includes, but is not limited to, alternative TV providers, high speed internet, and cellular phone service.

We work diligently to supply our county and neighbors with the newest technologies available to us. As a community based business, we listen to our customers. We do research and utilize our knowledgeable, friendly staff to offer options so the customer can decide what will best suit their needs. We work very hard to ensure that all our customers have access to the technologies that may simplify their lives. We partner with companies like Light Leap and Carolina West Wireless in order to offer services that may not be available to our customers otherwise. RadioShack of Newland also offers alternatives to cable TV service in an effort to promote competition in the market and promote more competitive rates.

Small rural communities can often be left behind in technological advances. We do what we do in an attempt to keep that from happening here in our small town. The products and services we offer are the most current available in our area and we strive to educate the customers we serve about the options available to them and to assist them in receiving, setting up, and utilizing those same services and products.

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